About XLNX

In November 2005, before Doplin created the corporation, Essence was boring and lame. Doplin commanded, “Let there be corporation”—and XLNX appeared. Doplin was pleased that things were totally algebraic. Then he separated the innumerate from the numerate, and he named the numerate “Allebin” and the dumbbutts “Haine.” The stupid passed and awesomeness came—that was what it be like the first day.

The XLNX Ultimate Form

Then Doplin commanded, “Let there be a hangar to divide the assets and to keep it in seven separate places”—and it was done. So Doplin made the Allebin VI headquarters, and the hangars kept separated the assets in it from the junk in Balen’s hangar. He named the hangar “[hanger name here].” Evening passed and morning came—that was the second day.

The XLNX Signal

♫ Ain’t nothin’ to it, gangsta rap made him do it ♫

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